Pet Path Foster Expectations.
Do you understand that it may take a while for your foster pet to understand where to go to the bathroom and that there will most likely be a few accidents? *

Do you understand that your foster pet may be frightened of his or her new surroundings and may need at least a month to adjust to the new environment? *

Will you have the time and patience to work with your foster pet to make sure they know they are safe and do you understand that the foster pet may try to run away at first because it does not understand that your home is his or her new home? *

Do you understand that dogs and cats can get sick just like children and will require a Doctor (Vet) visit for illnesses? *

Do you understand that there are times that a pet may have a hidden illness and that it is possible for your foster pet to show signs of this illness sometimes within a few days due to the stress of a new environment and possibly a change in diet? *

Do you understand that we do everything to ensure the pet you are fostering is healthy and that we cannot guarantee perfect health of a rescue pet nor can we guarantee the breed we have chosen to best match that pet based on looks alone? *

If you can no longer keep or care for your foster pet, do you understand you are to contact Pet Path immediately and plan to surrender the foster pet back to Pet Path? Pet Path will take into consideration any referrals to whom you would like the foster pet to stay with however; they must also follow through with our foster adoption process. *

Only designated Pet Path staff shall approve and place rescued animals into another foster home or the pets new adopted home. Pet Path must be notified as soon as possible of any changes in the status of either the pet in your care or the foster home environment you have indicated above. *

All pets placed in foster care will be examined, will have been given/will be given all necessary immunizations and will have been/will be scheduled to be spayed or neutered. *

All basic medical expenses will be covered by Pet Path. Authorized Pet Path staff must approve any unusual expenses. Basics include: Spay/neuter, age-appropirate vaccination, heartworm test, microchip, heartworm preventives, flea and tick preventives and prescribed medications. *

All basic supply expenses will be provided by Pet Path. Basic supplies include: Crate, collar, ID tag, leash, food, puppy pads (if needed) and if available toys and treats. All supplies are the property of Pet Path and will need to be cared for properly and returned clean when the foster animal is returned to us for adoption. *

Foster pets are to be kept clean and sanitary for their health and well being. Supplies with which they are housed and/or contained in such as crate, blankets, bedding, feeding bowls and toys should also be kept clean and sanitary for the same reason. *

Fosters are expected to give the foster pet safe and adequate housing and care. The foster pet must wear his/her ID tag at all times (except underage puppies) and must be on a leash or in a secure pet carrier when outside of its foster home or its enclosed yard. Foster pets should not be left alone, outside unsupervised. During transport, the foster pet must ride inside the vehicle. Foster pets must be inside and outside pets. Pet Path must be notified immediately if the pet in your care is injured or missing. Do not under any circumstances leave your foster pet alone inside of a car. *

Fosters are expected to follow medical and/or behavioral plans set forth by Pet Path staff. Fosters are expected to report any medical or behavioral concerns within 24 hours following appropriate channels and using the emergency protocol. *

Fosters are expected to exhibit professional conduct, timeliness and communication. Fosters are expected to arrive for appointments on time, as scheduled. *

Fosters are kindly asked to please be prepared to bring their foster pet to any scheduled vetting appointments with one of our Pet Path approved veterinarians and also to please be prepared to bring the foster pet to any adoption events to maximize their chance at finding their furever home. *

Legal ownership of all Pet Path foster pets remains with Pet Path until such time as proper adoption is completed. Only authorized representatives of Pet Path will conduct adoption interviews and process adoption, transfers or relinquishment. Fosters are expected to comply with the adoption process. If a foster home decides to adopt the foster pet, the regular adoption fee will apply. If a foster finds a suitable adoptive home for their foster pet, they will contact Pet Path and inform the interested family that they will be required to undergo our adoption process. *

Release of Liability.
I have read and fully understand the Pet Path foster expectations. *

There have been no other representation or promises other than those included in this foster application. *

I understand that all rescue volunteer work or fostering done for or with Pet Path is at my own risk *

I have read, understand and agree to abide by the conditions of the Pet Path foster home expectations. I understand that all work done with or for Pet Path pursuant to this foster agreement is at my own risk
and that I assume such risk freely and voluntarily. I hereby release Pet Path and its agent and employees of any and all liabilility, property damage, and medical cost while I am providing volunteer foster care for Pet Path *

I hereby for myself, heirs, administrators and assigns, fully, irrevocably and unconditionally release and agree to hold harmless Pet Path and its individual members or volunteers from any and all known or unknown, anticipate or unanticipated, suspected or unsuspected cause of action, charges, suits, debts, demands, claim, liabilities, losses, costs, expenses (including, without limitations, attorneys' fees) or damages, including but not limit to any medical costs, damage to property, person or other pets, of any and every kind, nature and description, at law or in equity, in connection with or arising from while I am caring for the agreed rescue foster pet. *

I understand that Pet Path is a non-profit organization whose main goal is to educate on spay and neuter and to put and end to the unwanted pet population. A home inspection is part of Pet Path's adoption as well as foster home process and Pet Path will not adopt or place a foster pet without completions of the adoption or foster application and home inspection. *

I understand that any misrepresentation of the above information authorizes Pet Path to deny application, and/or reclaim the pet that is in my home. I acknowledge that Pet Path cannot guarantee any animals against parasites, diseases or destructive behavior. If I adopt a new family member or foster a pet from/for Pet Path. I will not hold Pet Path responsible, nor seek any compensation for damages, medical fees or other liabilities incurred by the pet I adopt or agree to foster or during my visit to meet the adoptables or fosters on the property. By the State law of Tennessee we are required to notify you that if you visit the property by appointment to meet any adoptables or fosters you will be under video/audio surveillance. *

Pet Path reserves the right to reject an application for any reason *

You will be required to sign this Foster agreement in person *