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Our Adoption Donations
Puppies 350.00 for local adopters
Adults 250.00 for local adopters
Seniors 200.00 for local adopters
**Out of state adoptions are subject to additional transport, vaccination (specific to area) and Interstate health certificate fees**

We sometimes have pups that are sponsored or just need a little help getting the right home and their fees may show reduced.amounts (out of state will still require the additional transport, vaccine and interstate health certificate fees.

Please fill out this form in full.  If it does not pertain to you, simply reply with NA.  Please allow at least 72 hours for review.  Submitting this application is not a guarantee or approval for adoption, it does not place a hold on a specific pet.  The adoption process is never a first come first serve basis, it is always which home is the most suitable for the pet.  If your application is accepted and we feel your home may be a good fit, we will then contact you to proceed.  You may need to check your spam folder for emails and if we text you or call you it will be from a 225 area code.

Application, Vet reference and a home inspection are all required no exceptions.

Will you have the time and patience to work with your new family member to make sure they know they are safe and that this is now their home and do you understand that the new family member may try to run away at first because it does not understand that your home is his or her new home? Do you understand that it may take a while for your new pet to understand where to go to the bathroom and that there will most likely be a few accidents? Your new family member may be afraid of his or her new surroundings and may need time to adjust to the new home, it may sometimes take
weeks or even a month depending on the pet. One should never expect to place a pet into a new environment and expect them to adapt to the changes immediately. Do you understand that there are times that a pet may have a hidden illness and that it is possible for your new family member to show signs of this illness sometimes within a few days due to the stress of a new environment and possibly a change in diet? Do you also understand that dogs and cats can get sick just like children and will require a Doctor (Vet) visit for illnesses? Do you understand that we do
everything to ensure the pet you are adopting is healthy and that we cannot guarantee perfect health of a rescue pet nor can we guarantee the breed we have chosen to best match that pet based on looks alone? Do you understand that you are responsible for the pet financially once you sign the adoption agreement and take your new family member home? If you can no longer keep or care for your new family member do you understand you are to contact Pet Path immediately and plan to surrender the family member back to Pet Path? Pet Path will take into consideration any referrals to whom you would like your family member to rehome with however, they must also follow through with our adoption process. Do you understand that you will need to bring your new family member to your veterinarian to obtain heartworm preventives and for a wellness welcome exam within the first two weeks of adopting? You will need to bring your adoption packet from Pet Path with you so that your Veterinarian will be able to
make copies for their records. Please do not contact the Veterinarian or facility where the pet was tested for these prescriptions. Your regular Veterinarian will be able to see the results and should be able to prescribe what is necessary for your pet. I understand that Pet Path is a non-profit organization whose main goal is to educate on spay and neuter and to put an end to the unwanted pet population. A home inspection is part of Pet Path's adoption process and Pet Path will not adopt without completions of the application and home inspection. I understand that any misrepresentation of the above information authorizes Pet Path to deny application, and/or reclaim the pet I adopted from them. I acknowledge that Pet Path cannot guarantee any animals against parasites, diseases or destructive behavior. If I adopt a new family member from Pet Path. I will not hold Pet Path responsible, nor seek any compensation for damages, medical fees or other liabilities incurred by the pet I adopt or during my visit to meet the adoptables on the property. By the State law of Tennessee we are required to notify you that if you visit the property by appointment to meet any adoptables you will be under video/audio surveillance.