PET PATH Adoption Agreement


Pet's Name_____________________________________


Adopter’s Name_____________________________________________________________________



The parties hereto agree that the owners shall abide by the following conditions:

I agree that I am adopting the above-described animal solely as a pet for myself and/or my immediate family.   I agree that I will not sell, give away or otherwise dispose of said animal to any person(s) or other entity for any reason without the prior approval of PET PATH.  If at a later date I am unable or unwilling to keep this animal, I agree to contact PET PATH, and give PET PATH the opportunity to take back the pet.  The dog is being transferred to the adopting owner with the understanding that the adopter is taking possession of the dog to treat and to be responsible for it as their own dog.  I also agree to care for this animal in a humane and responsible manner and to provide it with clean and appropriate shelter, food, water, exercise, companionship and veterinary care as described in this contract.

The dog will be treated as a family member with loving care and affection.  I will do my best to ensure the dog’s safety and well-being.   I/we will feed the dog at least twice a day and will provide a fresh supply of water at all times.  The dog will live inside my home and will not be isolated from the family.  I will walk my dog on a leash or exercise my dog in a fenced yard, which must be provided unless waived by PET PATH. I will never let my dog run loose or roam, keep my dog chained or tied up, keep it continuously in a yard, garage, patio, balcony, or pen, or leave my dog outdoors, even in a fenced yard when no one is at home.  I will not have the dog attack-trained nor will I use it for any purpose other than companionship.  I will not have the dog’s ears cropped nor will I have its tail docked.  I will never allow any physical, mental, or emotional abuse of the dog.  I will not use a choke-type collar at any time, except for training under the guidance of a qualified dog trainer.

I understand that I must pay the adoption fee upfront to PET PATH in order to secure adoption of a dog and that adoption donation fee is NOT REFUNDABLE. I also understand and agree that the adoption fee I paid to PET PATH is reasonable and is not refundable

I understand that PET PATH, takes every precaution to assure the health of its adoptable animals, but can make NO GUARANTEE of any kind regarding the health and/or temperament or training of the animal I have adopted. I understand that I, as the adopter, am financially responsible for the animal upon signing this document and are fully responsible for this animal in every manner (including biting or aggressive behavior).  I understand that PET PATH recommends that I have a veterinarian examine this animal within 7 days of adoption.  I will provide all required and/or needed veterinary care, including: rabies shots as required every one or three years; yearly booster shots for DHPP; yearly fecal checks for internal parasites (worms); and prompt treatment by a licensed veterinarian for any illness or injury. The dog will be given heartworm preventative tablets every month, all year long.  I will have a heartworm test given every year.  If there is any break in dispensing heartworm tablets, I must retest for heartworm and restart tablets immediately.

I/we affirm that no member of my household has been convicted of an animal welfare law violation such as neglect, cruelty, abandonment etc.

I will ensure proper licensing of the dog.  I will ensure compliance with all applicable local and state statutes.

I am adopting the dog for myself and I agree to not give away, sell, or trade my dog, even as a gift to a friend or family member.  I will neither take the dog to a shelter nor abandon the dog.  I understand that I must notify PET PATH, without delay, if I can no longer care for or keep my dog and agree to give PET PATH reasonable time to re-home my dog or place my dog in an approved foster home, if available.  I must notify PET PATH of any behavioral problems that have occurred at any time before I return my dog

I agree to accept responsibility and ownership of the dog at my own risk and I release PET PATH and its agents from any and all liability arising out of possession and ownership of my dog.  I agree that I am assuming total financial responsibility for my pet as of the date of this contract, PET PATH and its agents will not be held responsible for any damages or expenses (veterinary or other) incurred during my ownership of the dog.

The dog will be micro-chipped and registered under the Rescue as primary contact through Found Animals.  I agree to keep my information current with PET PATH and report any changes to my contact info immediately.   In the event the dog becomes lost or dies, I will immediately notify PET PATH. 

In the event that the dog should start to undergo any drastic behavior changes or shows signs of aggression, I agree to have the dog examined by my vet to be sure there is no medical condition causing the behavior changes.

If there should be any aggressive behaviors I agree to notify PET PATH immediately at the first sign of any aggressive behavior that may surface.  I understand that PET PATH personnel have the experience, qualifications and training to handle these situations and I agree to reach out to them for assistance on how to handle the unwanted behaviors or seek an alternative qualified professional for assistance.  I will not attempt to correct these types of behaviors on my own without assistance from a qualified professional.  This often times will cause more issues if done by an untrained person and can result in someone being injured or can cause the dog to undergo extreme amounts of stress and cause the behavior to spiral out of control.

This dog’s known background and medical history have been discussed with me. I understand that PET PATH has made no representation concerning the health, condition, training, behavior, or temperament of the dog.

I agree to permit PET PATH to make inquiry about and enforce any of the above conditions and requirements at any time after adoption.  This can include visits to my  home and contact with my veterinarian.  I UNDERSTAND THAT FAILURE TO COMPLY WITH ANY OF THE ABOVE PROVISIONS WILL RESULT IN FORFEITURE OF THE DOG TO PET PATH.

I give my permission for PET PATH to visit the premises where the adopted animal is living, given reasonable notice. I further give permission for  PET PATH, to remove said animal from my premises if  PET PATH determines that the animal is not receiving appropriate care or if I have violated this agreement.  Such entry onto my property shall not constitute trespass upon the premises occupied.

I certify that all of the statements made by me on this adoption agreement are true and correct. I agree that PET PATH have the right to confiscate the adopted animal in the event that any statements made by me are found to be false and/or my check for the adoption fee is returned for insufficient funds.

I understand that by voluntarily signing this agreement, I am entering into a legal and binding contract with A rescue organization.  Breach of any term(s) of this agreement is deemed actionable by PET PATH.  In the event there is a violation of the agreement, I agree to pay a minimum of $500.00 in damages. Additionally, in order to facilitate the collection of damages for breach of contract, I waive any challenge to venue.  Furthermore, I agree to accept service of process by certified mail, return receipt requested, to the address provided in this adoption contract, and specifically waive any right to receive personal service.

I agree to provide updates to Pet Path in the form of videos or pictures with descriptions via social media, text message or email a few times per year on my new family member and I agree to allow Pet Path to share those updates at free will.Bottom of Form

**Out of state Adopters agree that if things are not working our well with the pet, that they will hold onto the pet until transport arrangements can be made to bring the pet back to the rescue or the adopter agrees to place the pet in boarding at a reputable facility at their expense until transport.  Additionally out of state adopters will also be subject to paying for a health certificate if the pet is to be returned via transport.  Health certificates are mandatory for all professional pet transports and can be obtained for a fairly reasonable price at most veterinarian offices.  All pets should be returned unharmed and Healthy.  Sick pets cannot be placed on transport and will need to wait until the pet is well enough to travel.  If the pet is not feeling well while in an adopters care the adopter will be responsible for providing proper veterinarian care at the adopters expense.  Once the pet is returned the adoption donation will be reimbursed minus the cost of transport and any additional costs incurred by the rescue to secure the pets return.

I agree to provide updates to Pet Path in the form of videos or pictures with descriptions via social media, text message or email a few times per year on my new family member and I agree to allow Pet Path to share those updates at free will.Bottom of Form

Adopter’s Signatures___________________________________________________________________________________________ Date______________________