Re Homing Family Agreement/Contract


Details on the Pet to be Re Homed


Re Home Adopting Family Agreement/Contract


Transfer of Ownership Form


We want to help those who love and take care their furry family members, yet due to unfortunate circumstances can no longer keep them. We understand that things happen in life and we want to help you if you ever are in this position. We know you do not want your family member to end up in a shelter. We can help you through our comprehensive re-homing process.

The way this process works is very simple. You fill out and sign the contract/application agreeing to keep your pet with you and not brought to a shelter or given to another rescue or you may sign your pet over to one of your friends or family member that is able to care for the pet as a foster until adopted through our rescue. You will be still be responsible financially and liable for your pet until the actual adoption date and the contract is signed by both parties. You will need to provide us with a detailed biography of your pet as well as good photos and videos. You will have the final say in who will be your pet’s new family. In exchange for you keeping your pet out of the shelter and caring for them we will give you $50.00 of our adoption fee once we find the right home. The right home may take a few weeks to be sure a perfect match has been established. The remainder of the adoption fee will go to Pet Path as a donation and is considered tax deductible because we are a non-profit 501c3 organization. Of course if you wanted to help us save the less fortunate ones that ended up in the shelters you can always refuse your portion of the adoption fee and opt to donate the entire portion.

There are of course some criteria your pet must have and they are as followed:

must be spayed or neutered

must be up to date on all vaccines-proof from vet or self administered vaccine labels are mandatory.

Dogs – heartworm status will need to be determined by a veterinarian (we can help you find the right vet if needed)

must be on flea and tick preventative

Dogs – must be on heart worm preventative or treatment (whichever is recommended by your vet)

must not be aggressive -This is not mandatory however for dogs; basic training, socialization and potty training is extremely helpful in securing the best home for your family member.

Cats-must be liter trained and not feral

The list is mandatory if we are to be successful in the re-homing process. No worries if your pet does not meet all of the requirements we will be here to help you and guide you to achieve whatever may still be needed. We have numerous resources to help you.

We hope that by offering this service, it will keep these wonderful companions out of the shelters. By keeping them out of the shelter we as in Pet Path and yourself are not only saving your pet’s life…we are also saving another life by freeing up space at the shelter so they can accept the ones that weren’t as fortunate as your pet was to have you love and care for them.